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Animaniacs Cleans Up At The Daytime Emmys


The regular-flavor Emmy Awards won’t be for another few weeks, but the Daytime Emmys usually happen early. And even though there’s no shortage of adult animation these days, the majority of statuettes for animated projects are still handed out at this ceremony, not the other one.

You’re going to wonder how some of these qualify, given that they’re streaming shows and not fixed to a schedule of any kind, daytime or not. There’s a simple explanation, though it doesn’t make much sense: Big Emmy says “The awards are presented to individuals and programs broadcast between 2:00 am and 6:00 pm, as well as certain categories of digital and syndicated programming of similar content.” Translation: since children’s programs USED to be broadcast in the daytime, they’re keeping the awards for them there for tradition’s sake. Okay, whatever.

The winner of the ceremony was Hulu’s Animaniacs, with four Emmys to take back to the tower: Voice Directing, Editing (a tie with Netflix’s Hilda), Storyboard (a tie with Netflix’s Jurassic World cartoon), and Best Original Song for “Suffragette City.” Even though Hulu has not formally announced a third season for this show, it’s an open secret, with social media confirmations from storyboard artists and designers that the series is still in production. Season 2 will appear later this year (presumably).

The most coveted Emmy of all, Outstanding Children’s Animated Program, went to Netflix’s Hilda (and it deserves it). I would say these awards should make a dent in any decision for a possible third season, but this is Netflix we’re talking about.

Other animated honors: Parker Simmons won Performer in a Daytime Animated Program for his role as Mao Mao, Mark Hamill took the preschool equivalent of the same award for his role in Elena of Avalor, Nickelodeon’s Paddington won Outstanding Preschool Children’s Animated Series, and some preschool show on Netflix about talking cars won three whole awards. See the full list at this link.