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Andy Samberg Is Digman! In Comedy Central Cartoon


Comedy Central hasn’t had the most luck coming up with an animated show that will stick. If the show isn’t called South Park, it rarely lasts beyond one season, even if the show is paired with South Park and promos are shoved in our faces. Of course the main reason for all the failure is that most of those shows have been terrible.

It’s CC’s hope that Officer Jake Peralta can change their fortunes. Andy Samberg has arrived on the scene with Digman!, an adult animated comedy to premiere sometime on the channel in 2023. Samberg wrote the pilot, produces the series and voices the lead character. Neil Campbell, a former writer for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, will be the showrunner. Officer Peralta also brought in his beau Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) to voice someone else who is unidentified at this time.

Other voices on the cast list include Tim Meadows (Brooklyn Nine-Nine again), Mitra Jouhari (Three Busy Debras), Tim Robinson (I Think You Should Leave), Dale Soules (Orange Is the New Black) and Guz Khan (Our Flag Means Death).

Digman! is set in a world where “archaeologists are massive celebrities and the coolest people on the planet.” This would be the opposite of our own planet. How many glamorous archaeologist rock stars have you heard of? This sounds like a very weird premise on the surface, but the actual intent is a satire of fiction, not reality.

Because in Movieland, archaeologists ARE rock stars. They wear fedoras and carry whips and enter booby-trapped temples, escaping with breathtaking artifacts (that ALWAYS have magic powers). They dodge bullets and punch out fascists and hang off the wing of airplanes. Where’d all this come from anyway? Digman! just takes the concept to its extreme.

“As kids we were led to believe that archaeologists are all bad-ass, adventure-seeking rock stars, but after spending 20 long years pursuing careers in archaeology we now see that was a lie perpetuated by Big Hollywood,” Samberg and Campbell said in a statement. “So we created Digman! to finally bring our childhood dreams to life. Plus, we noticed a dearth of new TV shows recently and figured it was wholly on us to bring the world what it’s missing the most: CONTENT.”

Andy Samberg’s Digman! will premiere on Comedy Central next year.