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An Inside Look At Netflix’s Inside Job

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In Netflix’s upcoming animated comedy Inside Job, it turns out half of Facebook was right about the government conspiracy controlling every aspect of human society. However, they were wrong about the competency of said conspirators.

Inside Job takes place at Cognito Inc, which is in reality the secret headquarters of the Deep State. Lizzy Caplan stars as Reagan Ridley, the tech genius whose father, Ryan Ridley (Christian Slater), just got sacked from the company for being, well, a deranged crazy person. Unfortunately the changeover didn’t improve morale much because Reagan’s apple didn’t fall far from the tree. At one point she bursts into the meeting room operating the Power Loader from Aliens just so she can berate an employee.

Reagan has to admit she might need help. Enter yes-man Brett Hand, played by Clark Duke — the most “normal” person Cognito could find. Other characters include Andrew Daly as CEO J.R. Scheimpough, Tisha Campbell as Gigi, the “fast-talking Head of Media Manipulation and Subliminal Messages and office gossip queen,” Bobby Lee as biochemist Dr. Andre, and most intriguingly, John DiMaggio as a half-man half-dolphin supersoldier. Weird mutants and other creatures are commonplace at Cognito Inc — Brett Gelman plays a talking psychic mushroom from a secret race buried deep within the Earth.

Believe it or not, Inside Job is the closest we’ve gotten yet to a revival of Gravity Falls — it was created by Shion Takeuchi, a writer for the show, and Alex Hirsch is serving as co-executive producer. And just like Gravity Falls, it hides hints for attentive viewers. If you watch the trailer closely, you might catch a glimpse of secret messages. Pausing the video and advancing it one frame at a time (with the Comma and Period keys, in case you ever wondered how) reveals what the messages are:

Intrigued? Suspicious? Terrified? Inside Job launches on Netflix October 22.