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An Episode Of Star Wars Detours Has Leaked

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Picture this: Lucasfilm spends millions of dollars to create over three dozen episodes of a TV series, and then cans the show before a single one is released. That’s what happened with Star Wars Detours, a comedic parody series that was supposed to come out in the early 2010s.

The series was a collaboration between Lucas’s team and the folks at Robot Chicken, specifically creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. Seems Lucas was tickled enough by the parodies Green and Senreich had concocted on the aforementioned show that he wanted to make something official. They got to work, and completed 39 episodes before Disney’s purchase of all things Star Wars.

With a new sequel trilogy immediately under way, Darth Vader’s new Emperor wanted their purchase to be treated with the sincerity it deserved….and the total mockery of Star Wars Detours just wouldn’t do. The completed episodes — two seasons’ worth — were thrown in the vault, with 62 additional episodes in the script stages. Since then, barely any clips from Detours have surfaced…until this day, when a near-finished workprint of a full episode was suddenly uploaded to this Reddit page.

The episode is one long skit involving fly-like bounty hunters Zukuss and 4-LOM, played by Andy Richter and Weird Al Yankovic respectively, attempting to rob a seedy diner in Coruscant. The credits are MIA in this copy, but Yankovic confirmed his and Andy’s involvement in a tweet. Jar-Jar is also involved in some fashion, because of course he is, and Ahmed Best reprises the Gungan…Billy Dee Williams reprises Lando in an end scene. We don’t know who the waitress is, but she sounds a lot like Grey DeLisle, who was on the voice cast list.

Other actors you might have heard, had more than one episode ever escaped, were Dee Bradley Baker, Felicia Day, Zachary Levi, Joel McHale, Cree Summer, Jennifer Hale and Anthony Daniels as C-3PO. Watch the full skit here while you can.