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Amazon Prime’s Undone, AKA The Best Show You’re Not Watching, Returns April 29


Amazon Prime has finally, finally admitted a Season Two for their animated series Undone is on the way. This is one of the best TV shows of modern existence and if you don’t know why, you need to stop whatever you’re doing and go watch it. Right now. I mean it. You shouldn’t be reading this, you should be watching Undone instead.

Undone uses rotoscoped animation, and it’s the best use of that technique I’ve ever seen. Since the “drawn” characters move and act so real, it makes the trippy, spacey moments that much bolder, and much more effective than they would have been in traditional animation, or live-action with CGI.

Why are you still sitting here? WHY AREN’T YOU WATCHING IT??? Fine, I’ll explain further.

Undone‘s main character, Alma, is a twentysomething from San Antonio who gets into a car accident and emerges with a bump on the head that awakens ancient powers. She starts seeing her dead father everywhere, and he explains to Alma that she’s a shaman, like her ancestors. Turns out it wasn’t just a title…being a shaman gives you the ability to not just see the dead, but warp and manipulate time with your mind!

The series never really answered the question of if Alma could actually do these things or if she was simply going crazy. Alma’s ultimate goal in Season One was to go back to the night her father died and change the events to save his life. Such a move would obviously alter a lot of history, and it was the ultimate test of whether her powers were real or not. In the most cruel cliffhanger ever, the show cut off at the EXACT MOMENT Alma would have found out the answer.

The pandemic arrived a couple months after the first season went live, and I watched with nervousness as show after show was cancelled or “unrenewed” due to world events. Amazon wouldn’t say a peep about the fate of Undone. They never said it was cancelled either, but as 2020 went into 2021 and then 2022 with no information, I had no reason to believe I would ever get more than the eight existing episodes.

Well, the miracle happened and the proof is in the clips below. I’ve been banging the drum for Undone for a long time, and feel like I’m alone in doing so. Like all shows, it needs viewers to survive. Please tell your friends about Undone. Nothing looks like this, nothing feels like this — and in today’s crowded overstuffed television market, that’s quite a statement. The second season premieres April 29.