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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Internet” Recap



When Gumball accidentally uploads an embarrassing video of himself onto the internet, he becomes the laughing stock of the world. If he ever wants to live a normal life, he’ll have to find a way to get it removed.

Gumball Internet 1

Gumball has always had incredible scope. The nature of its world allows it to do many things, which gives the show’s writers tremendous leeway when it comes to the plot of each episode. In the previous episode, we were inundated with more 80s references than I could possibly acknowledge, which left me somewhat confused, but this went full out on modern day internet memes and viral videos. While I personally prefer episodes that have more typical plots, this episode really worked and I enjoyed many of the jokes. Having the boys get distracted by internet videos upon setting out on their hunt for the internet was well played, and the internet’s hacking of Elmore’s various communicational grids gave the episode a much more exciting climax than what we got in episode’s like “The Virus”, for example. It felt like the boys were in more danger here than they have been for most of the season.

Gumball Internet 2

The only gripe I have with this episode is that it seemed like more characters should have been in it, like Anais. She helped the boys with a similar problem back in “The Club” and demonstrated some pretty good computer skills, but the boys didn’t seek help from any of their family members. They mentioned Nicole, only in passing and this added nothing substantial to the episode. I know each episode is only eleven minutes long and I understand that they can’t squeeze everybody into every scene, but there are times where I feel it would make sense for them to include somebody and it feels a tad jarring when they don’t. Still, it’s nice to see that the boys are capable of solving their own problems when push comes to shove, which is fine by me. This was an enjoyable episode and I’m looking forward to seeing the next one.