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Alien: Rogue Incursion Revealed For Alien Day

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Back when it had a “Fox” in it, 20th Century Studios declared April 26 “Alien Day” and said henceforth they would be making announcements relating to the Alien franchise on that day. Why April 26? Because the original 1979 film took place on a planet Weyland-Yutani labeled “LV-426.”

Not everything with a Xenomorph in it is good, especially some of the more recent attempts, but most people can agree the 2014 video game Alien Isolation is one of the bright spots. Up to that point most Alien video games had been action shooter affairs riffing on the Aliens vibe, but this was a first-person survival horror game that recreated the look and feel of the first Alien perfectly.

Alien Isolation has been re-released for every console since, and people have been begging for some kind of sequel. That’s why Alien: Rogue Incursion was initially greeted with mass enthusiasm when it was revealed this morning.

“How’d you like another Alien survival horror game?”
“And how’d you like that game to play on VR devices, so you can REALLY get into it?”
“And how’d you like that game to be EXCLUSIVE to VR devices, meaning you can’t play it unless you actually own one?”
“….Uhhhhhhhhh….” (room goes quiet)

Sad but true: Alien: Rogue Incursion is the closest we’ve gotten to an Isolation sequel, but its release is restricted to expensive goggles not everyone owns. It’s being developed for Playstation VR2 and Meta Quest 3 via Steam, but nowhere else.

Why? We’re not sure. We’d bet they would make a lot more money with a 2D option. But it isn’t happening. The game will be out later this year whether you can play it or not.

But on this Alien Day, you can also see the original 1979 film in theaters for the first time in twenty years. The previous release in 2004 was an alternate cut that added the “Dallas Coccoon Scene” back in, but this is, as far as we know, the original version. It’s this weekend only and if you don’t catch it then, you might have to wait another 20 years, just like a solar eclipse. Check the Fandango website for showings nearest you.

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