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Alex Hirsch Developing Fox Animated Comedy

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Just when you thought Fox was going to put on nothing but Seth-coms into infinity, out comes this news: they’ve tapped Alex Hirsch to come up with their next prime-time animated show. “I’m cooking up some brand-new weirdness,” Hirsch told Variety, who broke the story. Hirsch’s previous series wraps up next month: the cult favorite Gravity Falls, one of the most popular animated shows of the last ten years (and it deserves the hype).

This is the best decision I’ve heard from Fox in a long time. Hirsch and his team are exceptionally talented and deserve more than one shot. Giving dude-bro comedians their own cartoons instead of people with actual proven experience in the field is one of the biggest problems preventing adult animation from advancing. Jonah Hill’s cartoon (let’s not speak of the name) died a dog’s death while a cartoon based on Napoleon Dynamite lasted about six episodes. Only the team behind Home Movies was able to create something with staying power (Bob’s Burgers).

Right now, with just a script and presentation deal, it’s too early to guarantee Alex’s cartoon will make it through the development process — if Kanye West wants to make a Family Guy knockoff we could wind up with that instead. Pray for a smooth path to victory. Let’s have more Alex Hirsch cartoons, and more money for public schools!

This news was brought to TZ’s attention by message board member PinkiePie97.