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Al Jean On Loki’s Simpsons Short, Future Ideas, And…The Critic?

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It looks like we were wrong about the Simpsons Loki short (“The Good, The Bart and The Loki”) not containing any content related to the current TV series. Even though the short was timed to debut before the show had completed its run, the Simpsons staff doesn’t get to look at the notes from other productions even if they technically fall under the same megaconglomerate umbrella. However, they did manage to squeeze in a scene at the end featuring the Time Variance Authority…but it wasn’t easy.

Showrunner Al Jean says the TVA scene was completed during the last WEEK of production on “The Good, The Bart and The Loki.” “We saw the trailer when it came out, we saw the episodes as you’ve seen them on Disney+. But when the first episode came out, Jim Brooks said, ‘We’ve got to do a reference in that short.’ So we parodied the first episode at the end of this and then we had to stop.”

The scene was thrown in at the tail end of the short as a “post-credits” sequence, one of three that were included, likely on purpose. Y’know, to lampshade the show itself throwing these in at random times and forcing people to boot Disney+ back up when they realize they missed something. It’s annoying (and mentioned directly in the short).

More shorts are in the pipe. Jean says that the plan is to use them to take jabs at various realms of the Disney multiverse, which Disney+ represents. One of his earliest ideas was to base a short around NatGeo’s Free Solo, but by the time the shorts were officially going into production, the parody would have no longer been timely (I don’t remember Free Solo either).

And while he was in the interview chair, Jean commented on the possibility of bringing back The Critic for a third season on Disney+…in case you ever wondered about such a thing. He revealed it isn’t likely, not because Gracie Films wouldn’t be willing to go for it, but because the Jay Sherman character is actually owned by Sony. “Disney+ definitely doesn’t own the character. If it did, I think we would definitely have pitched it already to them. And Jon Lovitz would be interested and he’s hilarious, as always, but it’s a hang-up on that account.”