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Aku’s Voice Actor Talks Samurai Jack Battle Through Time

Samurai Jack Battle Through Time

There is a lot of buzz and hype surrounding the upcoming title Samurai Jack Battle Through Time. Mainly because despite the show ending a few years back, it’s a gaming title that is apparently tied deeply into the main story. Including being set just before the end of the series finale. But just as important, it won’t just feature the characters and stories from the legendary Samurai Jack series, it’ll bring back much of the voice cast from the series as well. With one notable exception though…Aku.

As many fans know, the original voice of Aku for Seasons’ 1-4 of Samurai Jack was the actor Mako, but he died many years back. So thus, for Season 5, they brought in Greg Baldwin to voice the character, and he did a fair impression of the “shapeshifting master of darkness”. So for the game, Adult Swim provided ComicBook.com with a video of Baldwin talking about his role in the game.

In it, Baldwin describes how everything goes down in the story. That this is “Aku’s last roll of the dice” and notes that Jack is stuck in “Aku’s greatest hits”, a “place between time” and that Aku is trying to make sure Jack doesn’t return to the moment in the series finale right before he wins.

The game will indeed feature many classic moments from Samurai Jack history, and allow players to finally be Samurai Jack in a way that has never truly been done before. Including tag teaming with many famous characters like the Scotsman and Ashi as well as going up against famous villains like the Daughters of Aku, Demongo, and many more.

You’ll be able to try and get back to the past yourself alongside Jack in Samurai Jack Battle Through Time when it arrives on PS4 and Nintendo Switch on August 21st.