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Akuma vs Shao Kahn Brings Vicious Fight To Death Battle

Akuma vs Shao Kahn

Death Battle Season 8 has not been afraid to bring some really brutal fights from all walks of nerd life to the mix. Earlier in the season, they put Tekken vs. King of Fighters/Fatal Fury against one another via Heihachi vs. Geese Howard. A very fun 2D battle for sure. But then, Death Battle decided to top that by going 3D for yet another fighting-game boss fight. This time though it’s Akuma vs Shao Kahn, and only one can be left standing as the true victor.

Unlike the previous fight though, there is a bit of history for Akuma vs Shao Kahn, and it ties into the history of Death Battle itself. You see, in Season 1, they did Akuma vs. Shang Tsung, and Akuma won. Then, in Season 2, they had a fight between Shao Kahn and M. Bison…and Shao Kahn won. So you see, this is a rare matchup where two former victors square off against one another in order to see who is the stronger final boss.

As teased, the fight is in 3D, and you’ll find the models for each are incredibly good. So check out the battle below!

As for the next match in Death Battle, it’s one that many have wanted. It’s Korra from Legend of Korra vs. Storm from X-Men.

It’s not hard to see how these two connect, as they are both “elemental women” who can bend the weather/elements to their wills, and they’ve both very good at it. Furthermore, they are held on high pedestals due to their powers. Korra is the Avatar of her world (the one who came after Aang) and Storm is so powerful that she’s not just an Omega-Level Mutant, but in her homeland she’s revered as a literal goddess.

This will no doubt be a very fun fight when it arrives in two weeks!