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Agents Of SHIELD Returns May 27 — With Peggy Carter!

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Agents Of SHIELD is the longest-running TV series to wear the Marvel logo, and we expect it to hold that crown for some time to come, given that nothing else has lasted half as long, and Disney’s future TV plans involve limited series runs. All things must come to an end, though, and so SHIELD’s pre-planned wrap-up will commence in late May. ABC announced the date this week.

The current world health crisis has affected many shows, but Agents Of SHIELD won’t be among them. The crew filmed the sixth and seventh seasons of the show back-to-back, then canned the seventh for a timed release of one year. This is why Ming-Na Wen had an appearance on The Mandalorian….she actually filmed the episode after she had completed her work as Melinda May.

While they were revealing the date, the producers let loose a secret they’ve been keeping all this time: Agent Peggy Carter is appearing this season! We wish we were getting a third season of her own series, but this prequel appearance (the show happened in the 1940s) will do just fine. Besides, she already got her perfect happy ending in Avengers Endgame.

It’s been a while…where did we leave off this crew? It’s mostly a blurry haze, but I seem to remember that Coulson was dead, but an exact duplicate of him arrived from outer space, and at first his ambitions seemed malicious, but it was to prevent body-snatching aliens from exploding into crystals, and then the alien Coulson died, but another duplicate of him showed up who was an LMD, and there was also a subplot involving Jemma and Daisy getting drunk in outer space, and there was this android, and….(skips ahead a few pages)…right, so when we last left them, they had gone back in time to 1930s New York.

This is where, expectedly, they will meet Agent Carter, as well as another character from the Carter TV series, agent Daniel Sousa (played again by Enver Gjokaj). The seventh and final season of Agents Of SHIELD begins May 27.