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Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog To Be Rereleased On Blu-Ray

adventures of sonic the hedgehog

In the mid-2000s Shout Factory put out Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog, along with all the other Sonic cartoons, as DVD sets. AOSTH had a larger episode count than the others, being a weekday syndicated series, and it took three volumes to release the whole library. But since Volume 2 didn’t sell very well, Shout only made limited copies of Volume 3 and sold them exclusively on their website.

As a result, getting a legitimate complete version of AOSTH for your shelf has been expensive for years. That third volume still commands high eBay prices, and with physical media not as strong a market as it once was, it seemed unlikely the situation would ever change…until now!

Discotek Media is stepping in to bring Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog to Blu-Ray disc for the first time. The series will be released in one volume with all 65 episodes, plus the special Sonic Christmas Blast, along with ALL NEW extras, including commentaries with series designer and script writer Milton Knight, commercial bumpers, and the original pitch pilot. How often do we get new extras for a show that’s been released already? Great job!

It’s important to note this is NOT a remastered edition. These are the original SD masters, possibly because Discotek could not access or find the film negatives. “We used multiple sources to put together the best looking version of the show possible based on what exists,” they say. “Recent releases were mono audio, we’ve fixed that & the show is once again stereo.”

If you think it’s odd Discotek chose to put out AOSTH before Sonic SatAM, so do we…everyone agrees SatAM was the stronger program. But we’ll obviously take this one anyway. You can preorder the Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog Blu-Ray through this link, at a discounted price. The set will be released next February.