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Adventure Time Series Finale: The Official Trailer

adventure time series finale

Where would Cartoon Network be without Adventure Time? Still slumming it with cheap Canadian imports? Adventure Time brought CN back into cultural relevance and made future hits like Steven Universe, OK KO and Teen Titans Go possible. The network owes their livelihood to Finn and Jake, but nothing lasts forever, and soon it will be time to say goodbye to the pair.

Except “goodbye” isn’t really the word CN is using.

What we’re looking at is “Come Along With Me,” the four-part grand finale to the entire series, but it is not being advertised as so. You may remember that CN mentioned an Adventure Time episode done in the Minecraft style (with the cooperation of Mojang) in their press release earlier this month. It turns out that episode was produced independently from the rest of Season 9, and is not technically connected to the season itself.

Because that Minecraft special has yet to air, Cartoon Network is referring to these episodes as “The Ultimate Adventure,” not the series finale, even though it is. But you now know the truth, so tell your friends.

A release date for “Come Along With Me” has yet to be revealed. Even if CN won’t admit they’re running the last true Adventure Time, I sure hope they make an effort to promote it. Otherwise a certain shrill quote from Lemongrab comes to mind.