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“Adventure Time” Season 4 Listed for October 7, 2014


AdventureTimeSeason4CoverProduct listings and a report on Blu-ray.com on indicate that Cartoon Network and Warner Bros Home Entertainment will release “Adventure Time: The Complete Fourth Season” on both Blu-ray and DVD this fall on October 7th. The news comes just months after the third season was released earlier this year on February 25th. Details on specs and special features are still being awaited. The fourth season of Adventure Time debuted on Cartoon Network from April 2 to October 22 in 2012, and includes the following twenty-six eleven minute shorts:

  • “Hot to the Touch”
  • “Five Short Graybles”
  • “Web Weirdos”
  • “Dream of Love”
  • “Return to the Nightosphere”
  • “Daddy’s Little Monster”
  • “In Your Footsteps”
  • “Hug Wolf”
  • “Princess Monster Wife”
  • “Goliad”
  • “Beyond This Earthly Realm”
  • “Gotcha!”
  • “Princess Cookie”
  • “Card Wars”
  • “Sons of Mars”
  • “Burning Low”
  • “BMO Noire”
  • “King Worm”
  • “Lady & Peebles”
  • “You Made Me”
  • “Who Would Win”
  • “Ignition Point”
  • “The Hard Easy”
  • “Reign of Gunters”
  • “I Remember You”
  • “The Lich”