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Adventure Time Returns With New HBO Max Miniseries

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Come on and grab your friends — rumors of Adventure Time’s demise were greatly exaggerated! There are four reunion specials on the way, falling under the banner “Distant Lands,” to debut one at a time beginning in 2020.

So when is Cartoon Network airing them? …..Uh. Remember that new venture by WarnerMedia that seems to be gobbling up content left and right for its launch next year? It captured Finn and Jake too. HBO Max is its name. Exact pricing per month is yet to be determined, but it’s expected to be on the expensive side.

We’re running out of excuses not to subscribe, though, and with THIS revelation, we may have to open our wallets at least for one month. Each of the four one-hour stories will center on a famous citizen of Ooo. The first is called BMO and guess who it’s about.

The second special, Obsidian, centers around Princess Bubblegum and Marceline, who are on a mission to prevent a disaster in the Glass Kingdom, and in the process learn more about their past. This one will be the most interesting, as the characters only became romantically involved in the final episode of the series.

Wizard City, the third special, will tell you everything you need to know about Peppermint Butler and the wizard training he undertook as an undergrad. The final one is called Together Again and they aren’t sharing many details, beyond the fact that this one reunites Finn and Jake and puts them on “the most important adventure of their lives.”

More about Adventure Time: Distant Lands as it develops. The miniseries premieres its first episode on HBO Max sometime in 2020 and is expected to run through 2021. The fun never ends.

adventure time