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Adventure Time Fionna And Cake Series Announced For HBO Max

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Sometime this fall (there still isn’t an official date set), the fourth and final Adventure Time: Distant Lands special will premiere. Focused on Peppermint Butler, “Wizard City” will explore the round candy’s early years in magic school. And once it debuts, that’s definitely the end….whatever time it is, it will never be Adventure Time again, right?

Wrong….the IP still has some value. The specials have done pretty well for HBO Max, and in response they’ve greenlit something fans have been demanding for a long time: a Fionna and Cake spinoff.

“‘Adventure Time’ broke boundaries and was a shining example of how impactful animated storytelling can be,” says Sam Register, president of Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios. “We are excited to partner with HBO Max to carry that tradition on to new heights, lands and magical worlds.”

Fionna and Cake are simply gender-bent versions of Finn and Jake, or in Cake’s case, species-bent. In the original series, they never actually existed…they were the heroes of a fanfic written by Ice King, which he was so proud of he would force his captors to hear. Several Fionna and Cake cartoons were made under this premise, and Ice King attempted one time to magically make his story real, but failed.

But it turns out Fionna and Cake are out there after all, as Simon Petrikov — the man who became Ice King due to madness induced by the crown and was then changed back at the end of the series — is soon to discover. Due to the existence of multiverses — the trend of the 2020s — there’s a universe where they exist and due to unspecified reasons they tumble into Simon’s universe.

But SOMEONE doesn’t like the fact that Fionna and Cake exist. A powerful and unnamed entity is now after them with the goal of erasing them both. Fionna and Cake take Simon along and leap through the multiverse, while their pursuer relentlessly follows.

Familiar face Adam Muto will serve as showrunner and executive producer on “Adventure Time: Fionna And Cake,” of which ten half-hours have been ordered. Stay tuned for more information as we get it.