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Adventure Time: Elements Begins April 21


No sooner does one Adventure Time miniseries end than another begins. Cartoon Network released a trailer today for Adventure Time: Elements, the follow-up to Adventure Time: Islands. After their crazy adventure in the land of surviving humans, Finn and Jake return to their home stomping grounds of Ooo to find that…the stomping doesn’t feel the same, nor does anything else.

Accompanying them on their next quest are Ice King and his former girlfriend Betty, who for the past few seasons has been trying to find a way of freeing Ice King from the curse his crown put on him — which would turn him back into Simon, the scientist she loved. Maybe that’ll be the focus of this story, maybe it won’t. All we have to go on right now is this trippy opening and all the new characters and situations it throws at us:

Adventure Time: Elements starts April 21st with an in-between episode, “The Orb,” that fills in the gap between Islands and Elements. Then the new miniseries will begin April 24th and run through April 27th, with two new episodes premiering each weeknight. Watch for them all week at 7:30 PM on CN, because any other viewing option is UNACCEPTABLE.