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Adult Swim Cancels The Venture Bros

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Though we live in a time of great uncertainly, there is one thing we can always rely on: every three years, Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick will return with another eight episodes in their long, long, continuing saga of the dysfunctional Venture family…..well, shoot.

The Venture Bros are well and truly dead this time, and there are no more clones to resurrect them with. While this all may feel sudden and shocking, it looks like the decision was made months ago…AS just never bothered to announce it. Co-creator Jackson Publick finally admitted the show’s fate in a tweet sent out today:

No, you’re not crazy….this contradicts an earlier announcement. The Venture Bros was promised an eighth (and final) season back in October of 2018 when the last episode of Season 7 aired. Hammer and Publick had been planning it up to the undisclosed time when AS changed their mind and they were let go.

Not only is The Venture Bros one of Adult Swim’s longest-running shows, it’s one of its sharpest and funniest originals, and it rewards intelligence. What started out as a simple Jonny Quest parody slowly wound itself in more intricate plot threads as the years went on. Dr. Orpheus predicted a man’s death in Season One…it happened just as he said in Season 7, with no attention called to the prediction (only smart viewers got to smile to themselves).

The cancellation leaves the series’ many plot threads cruelly dangling for an indefinite period of time. We were just beginning to find out some hints about Hank and Dean’s mother, as well as the true relation between Rusty and The Monarch. Where were they going with that mob boss subplot? And what about the Nozzle? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE NOZZLE!

The best we can probably hope for at this point is a TV special or reunion season well down the line. Adult Swim seems to like springing these on us — was anyone expecting a new season of 12 Ounce Mouse this year? Maybe we can finally see the end of the story in the one-hour Venture Bros follow-up in the year 2031. We would prefer a darned season eight though.