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Adult Swim Announces New Shows and Renewals at 2006 Upfront


Adult Swim today rolled out plans for 2006 at their annual Upfront event in New York, announcing several new shows, acquisitions, and series renewals.

Brendan Small makes his return to the Adult Swim block with Death Clock Metalocalypse. CO-created and CO-produced by TV Funhouse alum Tommy Blacha, the series follows the world’s most popular heavy metal band as they leave a trail of mayhem and destruction wherever they go. Death Clock Metalocalypse will feature musical cameos by musicians like Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield of Metallica. Twenty episodes have been ordered and will premiere in August.

Adult Swim announced a new creation by Matt Thompson and Adam Reed of Sealab 2021 fame entitled Frisky Dingo. Frisky Dingo pits Killface, a supervillain frustrated by the complexities involved with destroying the world, against his nemesis, Awesome-X, a reluctant hero more concerned about preserving toy sales than stopping the plot to destroy the planet. Frisky Dingo is scheduled to debut in September. Thirteen episodes have been ordered.

Meet Assy McGee, a tough guy police sniper who looks like a giant ass. Dedicated to cleaning up a city infested with crime, Assy Mcgee will take on the crooks and a City Hall that is soft on crime. Created by Carl Adams, Jon Benjamin and Matt Harrigan, Assy McGee will debut in December. Thirteen episodes have been ordered.

Saul of the Mole Men, a series set in the Earth’s core, is about a terra-naut who stumbles upon a strange civilization of Mole Men and nearly destroys it. The series will feature live-action, puppets, animation, and green screen technology. Saul of the Mole Men debuts in late 2006. Twenty episodes have been ordered.

Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil, created by Loren Bouchard, follows the adventures of Satan’s daughter as she lives her life in San Francisco dating a guy who might just be the Second Coming. Satan, however, has other plans, as he wishes to use her relationship to bring about the apocalypse. The series has been greenlit for ten episodes and will debut in October 2006.

Big Screen Aspirations:

Adult Swim also provided details on the upcoming feature film The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie Film for Theatres. The film, written by Matt Maillaro and Dave Willis, marks the first feature film based on an original Adult Swim series. Scheduled for a fall release, The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie Film for Theatres will chronicle the origins of the Aqua Teen trio and a battle over an immortal piece of exercise equipment.

Series Renewals:

The stop-motion sketch comedy Robot Chicken returns on April 2. Ten additional new episodes are slated for September.

FOX’s Family Guy will return to the Adult Swim lineup on April 30 with seventeen new episodes, with six additional episodes to follow later in the year.

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim’s chatty comedy Tom Goes to the Mayor returns for a new season on June 4.

Venture Bros. launches its second season on June 25.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force begins a new 10-episode season in September.

Other series being renewed in 2006 include 12oz. Mouse (13 episodes, September); Squidbillies (14 episodes, September); and Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law (7 episodes, Fall).

Pilots in Development:

Korgoth of Barbaria, Adult Swim’s second dip into action animation is set in a dark future wasteland where the cities have fallen, primordial beasts have reclaimed the globe, and thieves and savages populate sparse, dirty towns. Korgoth emerges from the frozen North, and his merciless savagery may be his only key to survival. Korgoth of Barbaria is an animated fantasy-action-adventure-comedy from Aaron Springer. The half-hour pilot episode will air in September.

That Crook’d Sip, the second Adult Swim pilot slated for 2006, will cover the antics of the the Beauregards. The Beauregard family, much like their Mississippi mansion, is falling apart. Relics of the Old South, this dysfunctional clan sits in stark contrast to the modern crunk-fueled Dirty South that has grown up around their crumbling estate, Frenchman’s Bend. David Banner will lend his voice to the project as the narrator. The pilot for That Crook’d Sip, created by Jacob Escobedo and Nick Weidenfeld, is now in production at Williams Street and will air in the fall.

Anime Acquisitions:

Eureka Seven: Renton is a young boy in a world where “lifting,” an extreme form of hoverboarding, is common. Renton’s life is changed forever by a mysterious and beautiful young girl named Eureka. Eureka Seven will debut on Adult Swim on Saturday, April 15.

Bleach: Ichigo Kurosaki is an average 15-year-old who never asked for the ability to see ghosts. However, he was born with the gift. When his family is attacked by a Hollow, a malevolent lost soul, Ichigo becomes a Soul Reaper, dedicating his life to protecting the innocent and helping the tortured spirits find peace. Bleach, licensed from VIZ Media, debuts this fall.

InuYasha: The adventures of human girl Kagome and InuYasha–who is half-demon–continue with a new season. New episodes of the series, set in a mystical, feudal Japan, air on Wednesdays through September.

[Source: Adult Swim]

Additional on-site reporting contributed by Eileen “Harley” Delgadillo