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Ace Combat 7: DLC 6 – Ten Million Relief Plan Mission


It is Thanksgiving Eve and your job over the holiday will be to be victorious in The Ten Million Relief Plan Mission – the newest DLC for “Ace Combat 7” which released today.


The nuclear submarine behemoth Alicorn is on the loose and under the command of the nefarious Captain Matias Torres who, like all bad guys everywhere – is up to no good.


The five-phase DLC will entrust you to protect your aircraft as you try and locate the elusive Alicorn, then actually locating the Alicorn with the Magnetic Anomaly Detector and, once located, protecting yourself from the inevitable attack from the Alicorn. If you have been successful at fending off the Alicorn’s weaponry, the next phase will be to destroy the ballast tanks on the Alicorn, leading to the next phase where you will have a time limit to damage the Alicorn’s deadly rail cannon and then, the fifth and final phase where you will encounter another time limit to destroy and rail cannon and finish off the Alicorn.


An S Rank will be awarded if you have destroyed the Alicorn while earning bonus and time scoring totals of 117,000 pints or more. You will receive 86,000 bonus points alone if you are able to achieve this feat in under 14 minutes.


“The Ten Million Relief Mission Plan” will be located in the “SP Mission” menu or can be purchased as a stand-alone for $4.99.