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A Writer O Marvel’s What If…? Has a Regret Because Of Loki Series

Marvel's What If...?, Loki

There’s a lot of work that goes into a single movie or TV show. More than anyone can understand if they’re not there on set doing it or in the case of animation, in the studio creating it. And when it comes to the vast web that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you have a series of movies and now TV shows that interconnect in ways that at times can be hard to remember all that’s going on…as you’re making it. Such was the case with a recent episode of Marvel’s What If…? and how it tied to another Disney+ series…Loki.

On the surface, these two wouldn’t connect outside of certain characters (like Loki) being used, but as one writer noted, the lingo got a bit interchangeable, unfortunately:

“When you’re writing animation, you’re writing so far into the future that you can’t think four years down the line,” writer AC Bradley said in a recent appearance on YouTube’sThe GOAT Movie Podcast.

She added, “That Doctor Strange episode, I wrote in February of 2019. I think I should’ve called it a Nexus Point instead of an Absolute Point. The Loki scripts weren’t even written yet, so that animatic locked before Loki even finished their scripts because you’re always writing about two years ahead of animation. It’s kind of intense and insane.”

The “Nexus” in question here is a reference to the point in the “true timeline” according to Loki where everything goes to die. So it would make sense that the writer would’ve wanted to tie that into the series if she had known about it ahead of time.

Obviously, this doesn’t hurt Marvel’s What If…? or Loki in the slightest, but the fact of the matter is that the MCU prides itself on “being all connected” and this was a missed opportunity for that.