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A Tour Of Magnolia From The Upcoming Fairy Tail


“Fairy Tail” – a video game version of the popular anime series –  is currently scheduled to be released worldwide on March 19 and 20, 2020 [some areas and countries receive it on the 19th and others receive it on the 20th] for PC [via Steam], PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.


Characters shown in the trailer move and run stiffly but the town of Magnolia has been faithfully re-created for the video game version, as explained by game-maker Koei Tecmo…


“Behind the scenes, we worked for six months to create every brick, bridge, and building you’ll be able to explore in the game. We looked at any and all reference material we could find on the town in order to lay it out as accurately as possible. We read the comics, we extracted scenes from the anime, consulted the anime setting materials, and we were even able to find reference data from older illustrations to help us along the way. From there, we laid everything out in 3D, then went back to Mashima-san [Hiro Mashima, creator of the original manga series upon which the anime series is based] and he was able to give us further advice to help sculpt the final setting. In the end, we created a final design which works for an RPG, while at the same time integrating functionality and the appropriate visuals – including all of the symbolic buildings and landmarks you’re looking for – in a dynamic way that truly pops off-screen. After months and months of hard work, we were eventually able to flip the image we had in our minds into the breathtaking and immersive town you’ll now be able to experience in our unique RPG.”