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A Soulful Full Trailer For Pixar’s Soul


Some would argue Pixar films are so emotionally rich that they practically have a soul. This one literally does. Hundreds of them, in fact.

The official release of Onward in theaters means we get the full trailer for what’s coming next. Assuming nothing…interferes with the listed date, Soul will be the first Pixar movie to follow another Pixar movie by just three months. It’s too early to say which one will be more deserving of the 2021 Oscar, but Soul looks a little more deep.

Pixar films have dealt with death before, but this one’s blunt even for the studio that created “Up.” Joe Gardner, played by Jamie Foxx, is an aspiring musician who dreams of one day performing at his favorite jazz club, The Blue Note. One day the club holds open auditions, and Joe nails his! But then he falls into a manhole right afterward.

This trailer reveals more about the plot than previously known. All other trailers suggested Joe was dead from his injury; this one spoils that his trip to the hereafter is not a permanent one. You see, Joe gets so freaked out by his possible journey to the afterlife that he cuts out of line and escapes, ultimately winding up in the place souls dwell PRIOR to inhabiting a body: The Great Before.

It’s here that Joe meets 22, his co-star in the picture voiced by Tina Fey. 22 really, really doesn’t care about life, the universe or anything. This blows Joe’s mind. Life is so awesome, he’s GOT to make her care. He shows her the wonders of Earth, like pizza. 22 better hope she isn’t born in San Francisco, or there’ll be broccoli on that pizza, and also if her dad isn’t a tech bro she’ll have to live in a shack with 20 roommates.

Speaking of Inside Out, Pete Docter, the mastermind of that movie (and Up) is behind all this. It should be good. Soul is currently scheduled for a June 19, 2020 release.