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A Smiling Friends Special Is In The Works

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Smiling Friends is the funniest Adult Swim original to come around in years, but unfortunately, getting more of it might take a while. We all know by now how long animation takes to complete, especially when the show isn’t renewed until after it airs (paste obligatory Harley Quinn mention here).

But we could be getting more of the Smiling Friends sooner than that — in the form of a special, produced to bridge the gap and whet the appetites of fans between seasons 1 and 2. It’s a similar strategy to what The Venture Bros used to do (but hopefully it won’t take THAT long).

The special’s impending existence was revealed by a press release hyping this year’s Adult Swim Block Party, taking place from August 3 through 5 in Philadelphia, PA. “Exclusive debut footage” is promised and creators Michael Cusack and Zach Hadel will be there to introduce it. According to Handel, “this episode was originally planned to air on a certain fun little day of the year (between season 1 & 2) but our very small, very talented team put together something we hope makes you and your friends smile.”

Other attractions for the Festival include the first publicly revealed footage from the second Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie and, obviously, an early look at Kick and Morty Season Six.

“Smiling Friends” is the name of a small company devoted to bringing happiness to the world, and the series revolves around their two best employees. Pim and Charlie, as they journey all over the place trying to chin up the downtrodden. That’s the basic premise, but it’s all in the delivery. The comic timing is sharp, the writing is smart, and the mix of art styles is inventive.

Smiling Friends currently airs weekly in reruns on Adult Swim and can be viewed in its entirety on HBO Max.