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A SilverHawks Reboot Is in the Works


Via Deadline, the Nacelle Company has partnered with Silverhawks LLC to hopefully produce a reboot of SilverHawks, the classic 80s show which has been dubbed ThunderCats in space since it was also produced by Rankin Bass, the company behind ThunderCats, with the same animation style format.  Unlike ThunderCats though, SilverHawks only lasted for 1 syndicated season comprising of only 65 episodes and was not as popular as their feline counterparts.

SilverHawks focused on a group of heroes set in the 29th century who patrolled the galaxy with half metal and half organic bodies, a necessary ‘requirement’ for space inhabitants for some reason.  The SilverHawks were in constant battle with a group of intergalactic mobsters led by Mon*Starr who also, like his ThunderCats counterpart Mumm-Ra, could transform himself from monster to a menacing robot.  Later episodes added more SilverHawks to the crew.

The stories didn’t have as much lore or mystery to them unlike ThunderCats, which is probably why it only lasted 1 season.  This reboot announcement comes at the heels of toy company Super7’s recent announcement of a line of SilverHawks merchandise and figures which the series hopes will entice the same fans.

I myself am hoping for a better reboot than the ones ThunderCats have been subjected to so far.  There’s supposedly a live action ThunderCats movie in the works, so one can only hope someone does something more proper.