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A Powerful 4K Compatible Nintendo Switch On The Way?

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The rumors of a new Nintendo Switch has been going on for some time now. In fact, they got so prevalent that Nintendo themselves had to put down the rumors by saying that such a device wouldn’t be coming out in 2020, and they were right about that fact. However, the rumors and beliefs in the new system have re-emerged, and now, Bloomberg is citing new details as to just how powerful this “improved” version of the system will be.

According to them, it’s not just going to be an improved version of the Nintendo Switch, but one that’ll have better power, processing, and possibly an all-new look. Even stating that it might be compatible with 4k! Which obviously would be a huge improvement over where it is right now. Of course, the catch to this is that Bloomberg also hints that there will be games exclusive to this version of the Switch…and that’s dangerous territory.

We say that because Nintendo has done this before when they had their 3DS and then the NEW 3DS XL. Meant to be a “graphical improvement” over the 3DS…and yet its “exclusive games” weren’t as pretty as they hoped it would be. Having this happen to the Switch will no doubt tick off gamers, and cause lots of confusion with its fans over what games work on what systems and such.

The article also cites that one of the reasons for the ‘drought’ that the Switch is having is due to the fact that Nintendo is preparing for this updated console to come in 2021 and they want a lot of games released when it’s ok.

Now, obviously, there’s a lot of speculation about this new system in the article. Until Nintendo proper talks about the new system, everything that is said should be taken with a grain of salt.