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A Musical New Soul Trailer

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At this point in an alternate world, Pixar’s Soul would have been out ten days ago. Due out June 19, it was to follow Onward by just three months. It was also due to premiere at the 2020 Cannes Film Festival, which also never happened (not just Soul, the entire festival).

Soul has already gone through its trailer cycle, under the belief they wouldn’t need to make any more trailers past June. But now there’s an extra six months of promotion to fill, so to keep it fresh in people’s minds, Disney has to mix together a few more. What can they show us that they haven’t already, without giving away the whole stew?

Well, for a movie themed partly around music, we haven’t gotten to listen to much actual music from the film. This new one-minute trailer changes that, and as a bonus, it gives us our first glimpses at Joe Gardner’s mother (played by Phylicia Rashad) and his next-door neighbor Paul (voiced by Daveed Diggs of TNT’s Snowpiercer). In fact, at no point in this trailer is Joe a ghost — it focuses entirely on his earthbound life.

Gardner, played by Jamie Foxx, is an aspiring musician who dreams of one day performing at his favorite jazz club, The Blue Note. One day the club holds open auditions, and Joe nails his! But then he falls into a manhole right afterward.

Now existing as a soul, Joe gets so freaked out by his possible journey to the afterlife that he cuts out of line and escapes, ultimately winding up in the place souls dwell PRIOR to inhabiting a body: The Great Before. It’s here that Joe meets 22, his co-star in the picture voiced by Tina Fey.

Currently Soul is scheduled to come out November 20, but that depends on if the spiky microscopic ball that bosses everyone around now will allow that date to happen. If not, get set for more trailers.