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A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Viewing Guide

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

There are certain holiday traditions that are unlike any other. And one of them is that we all watch certain shows or films to help get us into the season. Many people love watching horror films and other scary movies around Halloween, and Christmas movies and shows ironically play all year round depending on what you watch (see: Hallmark Channel). But for Thanksgiving, there’s only one or two things that people come together to watch, and arguably the biggest of them all is A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

This is of course the all-time classic Charles Schultz film that focuses on the beloved “blockhead” trying to make a great Thanksgiving meal for his friends with virtually no prep time because Peppermint Patty decides to invite everyone over for his “grand meal”. Oops.

The result is of course a great moral story about what Thanksgiving is really all about, being with friends and loved ones and being grateful for all that you have had over the year that was. And given the year we’ve had both this year and last, it’s a lesson we should all be remembering.

But given certain rights battles that have been going on, you might confused about where you can watch this classic. The good news is, there are multiple ways to watch it this year.

For example, it’ll air on television on PBS and PBS Kids on Sunday, November 21, at 7:30-8:00 pm ET/PT. You can also find it on various streaming services like AppleTV+, without ads no less. A Charlie Brown Christmas, Happy New Year, Charlie Brown, and the Apple TV+ animated series The Snoopy Show can also be found on the service.

So this holiday season, go and support your favorite “sly dog” as well as the rest of the Peanuts gang and have memories that will last a lifetime.