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A Bonus Episode of Death Battle Has Arrived Via Excalibur Vs Raiden!

Excalibur Vs Raiden

When it comes to Death Battle, you sometimes get much more than you expected from them. They had their thing going for a while before they decided to add MORE insane action via DBX, and then one year they went even bigger than that via Death Race. And then, at times, they get a sponsor that specifically asks if one of their characters can be in a DB…no strings attached. We had that before via The Seven Battle Royale (in conjunction with the hit show The Boys) and now, we got another such collab via a special bonus episode: Excalibur Vs Raiden

For those who don’t know, Excalibur is from the hit video game Warframe, in which players control special entities with various gifts via the different Warframes they wield. With over 50 of them out there currently, it would’ve been interesting to see which they chose, but in this Death Battle, they went with the original in the sword-wielding (among other weapons it wields) Excalibur. And who better to put up against a cybernetic entity with a sword…than another cybernetic entity with a sword via Raiden from Metal Gear Solid.

The episode shows that there’s actually a lot more going on with these two in terms of similarities just to be clear, and as noted, the team behind Warframe didn’t demand their character to win, so thus the victor is up in the air until the final blow lands.

Watch Excalibur Vs Raiden below!

As for what happens next, the official Death Battle series is about to take a break until September. However, in its place will be the return of a long-awaited fan-favorite show in Desk of Death Battle! Complete with Lisa Foiles returning as Jocelyn, and this time, it’ll be animated!

That show starts next week if you’re on Rooster Teeth First or a YouTube Champion member of the Death Battle channel.