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7th Sector Arriving To Consoles In February


You can puzzle until your puzzler is sore with the imminent – February 5, 2020 – arrival of “7th Sector” on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Think of a world similar to the popular feature film “Blade Runner” and you will begin to get the idea of what you are readying yourself to expect in “7th Sector”. In fact, many of the images presented in the game are reminiscent of “Blade Runner” – albeit, without the humans.


The game’s official description is has “7th Sector” “set in a mysterious cyberpunk world [where you can] immerse yourself on this intricate path, solving different puzzles, facing its dangers and collecting scattered information to discover the story of this world. Gain control over several different characters, each with its own abilities which can help you navigate world’s devices and machinery. Some of the choices and actions done determine the final outcome.”


Despite the perhaps intentionally vague description, the features listing does shed some light on the matter. The bare bones list of features includes…

  • Varied, unique puzzles.
  • Control several characters.
  • Soundtrack by “Nobody’s Nail Machine”
  • Branching system of four different endings.

Essentially, you will play as a blip of robotic life, moving from character to character or even bits and pieces of electronic equipment and the overarching question – answered, undoubtedly in one or more of the four endings – is whether this world was created by your blip of life, can be rehabilitated by your blip of life or  was merely encountered by your blip of life as it was passing through the area.