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2nd Impressions of Otakon 2012


It’s still hot. In fact, it’s hotter. Sweltering in fact. Yeah yeah, Otakon used to always be like this, but it’s been a little rare the last few runs, so a return run isn’t exactly wanted. Neither is rain, but so far it’s been dry in that regard. I feel quite sorry for all the folks in the full body costumes. They are going to absolutely die out there, and inside since it’s not much cooler in the concourses.

And then there’s the poor folks still in the registration line. 6 some hours after the doors opened and the line was still way around the corner. The main west entrance where the registration desks are is, in fact, still not useable for regular admittance due to the crowds. That’s certainly a heck of a lot of people.

The dealer’s room is packed as usual. Lots of Madoka and High School Of The Dead merchandise. The High School Of The Dead merchandise is rather….umm…mature in nature. I certainly wouldn’t want those particular scrolls on of my wall, but obviously they work for some folks. Madoka in particular seems to be the focal point of Otakon this year with the screen writer, one of the Japanese VA’s and three of the American VA’s on the guest list. Nice to see that Otakon can still pull in top flight J guests even without Bandai. Aniplex and NIS have capably stepped into the breach for them. Now, with a little luck tonight the temperature will drop a bit, the Orioles game will end at the exact right time to have the fireworks at a gap in the panels and things will go swimmingly, as opposed to swimming through the air like right now.